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       Click on the links below to read previous issues of Gateways, our corporate newsletter. It is our intent to provide brief informative articles that are applicable in today's geotechnical engineering and construction practice. We also include interesting and fun information such as:

         Did You Know - Local engineering landmarks and characters, like Cherokee Cave or James   
         Buchanan Eads.

         By The Numbers - Entertaining trivia. Do you know how many yards of yarn there are in a
         baseball? Or, how many bubbles there are in a bottle of champagne?

         Links of the Month - Connecting you to available resources and activities.

Please provide feedback to us at info@gatewaygeotechnical.com.

Year                          Topic                             Did You Know?
2007WinterVegetative Influence
SummerHow Deep Do We Have to Drill?


What Is a Shrinkage Factor?
Why Do I Want to Know?
SummerWhat's Unusual About St. Louis Underground?      Letterman's Top 10
2009SummerDealing with Sinkholes
2010JuneGateway's Role in Flood Risk Management      James Pugh Kirkwood
JulyHelp! My Floors Are Heaving...or Are They Settling?      James Buchanan Eads
SeptemberCan I Build on a Sinkhole?      Charles Shaler Smith
NovemberHow Much Settlement Is Too Much?      Cherokee Cave
DecemberEstimating and Mitigating Settlement      Hoover Dam
2011FebruaryHow Many Borings Do I Need?
AprilHow Deep Should the Borings Be?      Supporting the Arch
2012AugustAre We a Profession or a Commodity?

Urban Fill - What Is This Stuff and What Can I Do
With It?


How Many Engineers Does It Take to Design a
Retaining Wall?
JuneThoughts Relative to the Standard of Care
NovemberWhat's a D.GE? Why Would You Want One?     Robert E. Lee
2014AprilSpring Is Here -- Compaction Guide     Guy Dufossat
DecemberHow Do We Determine the Seismic Site Class?
2015SeptemberRFP Questions
NovemberHow Many Borings Do I Need?     Jefferson Memorial
2016AugustWhat's Hot -- Hot Weather Concrete     Missouri State Parks

2017NovemberCold Weather Concrete     Henry Flad