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   Ms. Cunningham has practiced geotechnical engineering
   in the St. Louis area since 1998, providing recommendations
   for the design and construction of retail, commercial, and industrial
   developments. Included were projects on poor soil conditions such
   as in flood plains and on urban fill. She has also provided oversight
   and mentoring of staff engineers, including review of reports and
   design plans; and engineering oversight of technical staff
   responsible for construction quality control.

She has skill in the technical analysis of soil and material behavior, including the use of computer programs for slope stability, seepage, finite element stress and deformation, mechanically stabilized earth walls, laterally loaded deep foundations, wick drains, and rock fall simulation.

In her free time, Shari volunteers with several organizations and works with teens. She enjoys reading and gardening, and loves to travel. Her favorite destination is Iceland.

     BS and MS degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri - Rolla (MS&T).