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Gateway's engineering technicians provide construction-phase observation and testing to verify the quality of construction as dictated by the project plans and specifications. In addition to foundation excavation observation; field testing of soil placement and compaction; field testing of structural concrete and reinforcing grout and mortar; concrete and asphaltic pavement subgrade and placement, these technicians provide years of on-site experience to guide the Contractor in successfully completing the work, and seeing that the owner gets a quality facility.

Bob Sudholt is our Senior Geotechnical Technician. He recently retired from a 27-year career with the Missouri Department of Transportation, and has been with Gateway since 2011. He is also responsible for the day-to-day scheduling and coordination of Gateway's technician staff and construction services.

Current credentials provided by our staff include:
     Humboldt Nuclear Gauge Certification
     American Concrete Institute (ACI) Concrete Field Testing and Laboratory Strength
     Major Land Disturbance Special Inspector (SWPPP) Certification
     Missouri Department of Transportation Certification in
                AT   Aggregate Technician
                SD   Soil Density
                CF   Concrete Field
                CS   Concrete Strength