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     Mr. McMillen’s professional experience
includes over 40 years of geotechnical design,
construction, and management with several
regionally and nationally recognized
consultants located in the central Midwest.
He has been responsible for geotechnical
projects throughout the United States, with
most of his experience focused in the
St. Louis Region, and the Missouri and
Mississippi River Valleys.                            


       His experience includes the packaging of services, direction of field exploration and laboratory investigations, hands-on engineering design and recommendations, and construction engineering in the following areas:
          Foundation recommendations for major buildings, utilities, and other
     structures, and for roadways, bridges, and transportation facilities.
     Earth dams, levees, locks and dams, and river structures.
     Underseepage, drainage control, and groundwater management systems.
       He has successfully directed the operation of both routine and complex projects for industrial, commercial, and municipal clients, as well as site-specific and multiple-delivery contracts for several Corps of Engineers Districts and the Veterans Administration. His responsibilities included geotechnical engineering design and consultation, major project management, report and presentation preparation and review, and technical editing and peer review.
He has been very active in professional society activities, especially ASCE where he has served as President of his Section and as a National Director. His passion is specialty certification, having been inducted as a charter diplomate of the Academy of Geoprofessionals and serving on its board as President.

T. Mike enjoys traveling with his wife Marilyn, and learning about local cultures, including their history and architecture.
         BS and MS degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri – Rolla (MS&T)
         MBA from Maryville University
         US Army Engineer School, Ft. Belvoir, VA, as a student and instructor.